Trampoline park includes various contents like general jumping area, basketball court, football court, foam pit, climbing wall, dodge ball and play area for kids under 7 years old which offers a wide range of attractions.
A series of interlocking trampoline mats with custom, angle cut pads. Our netting frame structure allows for easy net installation and our mats feature safety flaps that prevent hands and feet from coming in contact with the spring area. Our construction is the best you will find, featuring the heaviest frame system in the industry, as well as double beds and custom springs (life time is 48-5...
In order to ensure that all members of the family have fun at your facility, we built a kid play zones for little kids. Our kid’s trampoline courts provide your little jumpers a chance to get in on the action.
Two teams, multiple balls. The aim is to throw the balls at your opponents. If they’re hit, they’re out. The last man standing wins and takes victory for their team. So dodge ball requires agility from its players. When moving the dodge ball game to a trampoline park, it’s easier and safer to quickly dodge any ball. Experienced players can use the trampolines to their advantage for swift at...
It combines the strength, skill and ornamental value, making the customers break the limitation of traditional basketball. It becomes much safer due to the professionally adjustable basketball stands, which also enables the sporters to challenge the sky and perform their heroic posture. Dunking like a professional is now possible by using the trampoline, everybody is now able to like an NBA ...
Almost all activities you do on the ground can also be done on a trampoline, providing a unique experience and multiplying the fun! And the bouncy characteristic of trampolines adds excitement and endless possibilities for people to play football on it. &nbs...
Air bag is used in trampoline park, we usually call it “DROP ZONE”. Air bag function is equal to foam pit, children can jump down from the trampoline bed. Air bag is not only safe but also fun and deeply loved by children.
This soft landing helps you to try new tricks. The fear of falling becomes obsolete thanks to our GIGANTIC foam pit. Do tricks and flips and fall into a padded, cushiony, heaven.
Calling all masters of the air. The performance trampoline area is perfect for those who are anti-gravity. Practice your backflips, cartwheels, experience the most addictive adrenaline rush of wall jams and discover more new tricks. Slow motion cameras are also available to help serious acrobats perfect their technique.
Cheer Climbing Walls are designed to challenge and train both mental and muscles skills of children. With our games we provide an exciting experience for children of all ages, encouraging them to interact, complete and discover in a playful way.
Cheer rope courses have indoor rope cours eand outdoor rope course.It is designed for those looking for sky experience and fun, which consist of multiple levels, and linear paths with different themes, like jungle, ice-world discovery and etc. We also corporate some challenging elements among those attractive and interesting equipment. The capacity and safety can also be further increased wi...
Warrior Course is an adrenaline pumping race through a maze of walls, obstacles and trampoline, therefore it is designed to incorporate running, jumping, vaulting climbing, and balance to create a fun adventure while providing an amazing workout.
Obstacle races are the latest trend hitting the indoor playground industry, and they’re unquestionable to be great additions to your current theme...
Aeroball is a quite good games which we are manufacturing for US company, Gordon’s INC now. It has already proven popular in Canada and US, and have now been launched in the Europe. Not only provide this OEM service to this company, we are also allowed to sell these popular games directly to our own customers except customers from North America. Aeroball is almost like volleyball, not quite ...
Indoor Trampoline Park Equipment Built by Cheer Amusement
Cheer Amusement stood out competitively among the numerous bidders with its stunning indoor playground design and the ultimate price-performance ratio, high-end quality, and complete playground equipment qualifications.In just 50 days, with refined craftsmanship and orderly installation, the mysterious trampoline park was completed with majestic super-high hexagonal tower, the various cool giant slides, foam pit, the multi-functional high rope course climbing frame ,and rock climbing walls with different shapes and unique styles... The list goes on! Cheer Amusement, the leading brand of trampoline park equipment, is committed to creating a trendy and fun place for China and the rest of the world!Cheer Amusement offers comprehensive indoor playground and trampoline park solutions from initial design, manufacturing, installation, to after-sales services. As the first trampoline park equipment manufacturer in China to obtain both certificates under US and EU safety standards in the entertainment industry, we have built over 10,000+ indoor playsets all over the world in a variety of venues including FECs, indoor parks, kids parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, and more. Cheer Amusement and its highly skilled team of professionals always thrive to help you stand out in your indoor softplay and trampoline park market!
Big Games Adventure Play Park Attraction Indoor Playlands Trampoline Park Equipment Verified Supplier
This Adventure Play Park by Cheer Amusement creatively integrates a number of exciting big games such as thrilling slides, super trampoline park, high rope course, and ninja warrior parkour. The newly launched cyberpunk theme trampoline park equipment brings you a totally different immersive experience. Leap N Fly!!
Large Indoor Trampoline Park
Come enjoy the excitement and positive vibes of the city! A large indoor trampoline park with a wide variety of high-end entertainment facilities, customized by Cheer Amusement®, has landed in the "Trade Capital" of the world! Here, you can satisfy your weightless fantasies, and do a ton of tricks. Have you ever imagined yourself in complete freedom, flying freely among the high-rise buildings of the city? Come and experience this!Contact us today to learn more about our revolutionary indoor play solutions!
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