As the largest and most professional leading manufacturer of indoor playgrounds with over two decades of experience in this industry in China, Cheer Trampolines commits to provide indoor playgrounds with the highest quality and safety standards.Cheer Trampolines can bring your themed and creative ideas into a reality. Let us surprise you with something special and new! Our professional and k...
Cheer Volcano can be designed in different shape and height according to your requirement. In addition to the bright color, the appealing big slide and climbing area will surely become greatly popular among kids.
The Sky Rider is an unique facility that is specially designed for those who love roller coaster and are eager to ride it in a totally different way alone and without seat, it can be attached to trees or outer walls, making the facility Eco-friendly. The main structure, ride track can be designed with various features depending on how much fun you want it to be.
Time to fly! For those of you who would like to jump from height and are looking for a less challenging way to do it than bungee, try Jump Tower! It is a controlled decent experience and you jump from the same platform before you come to a very smooth landing (on your feet) at the ground floor at the base of the tower.
You can use your soft weapon to fight with your friends and partners in this kind of Inflatables, it a challenge and funny game for you that you must sweep up all the obstacles no matter human or objects, take your wise and fast brain to think and beat! You will be the winner all the time.
Kids Softplay Area Soft Play Equipment
This Customized Kids Softplay Area is designed with volcanic slides, ultra-long skywalks, kids slides , ball pool, and more! Time to break through tradition, and adopt brand-new concept!
Cyberpunk、Indoor Playground Equipment、Cheer Amusement
The cyberpunk style is defined by youth, breaking through, and individuality. While emphasizing its unique Chinese characteristics, our Cyberpunk indoor parks also provide a hi-tech, future-themed atmosphere, which aligns with the values and visions of the young generation nowadays. After the grand exhibition in Beijing, we continued to introduce this style into our more extensive projects such as Chongqing Yuehui, Dongguan Carnival, Gansu Big Blue Whale, and others. Fortunately, but unsurprisingly, they were all big hits. The attractive cyberpunk style was instantly viral and became one of the biggest trends in the market. All cyberpunk-themed play worlds created by Cheer Amusement are now used as textbook-level design inspirations!
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