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The safety of the trampoline park users are of the top priority for any trampoline park owners, so it is necessary to ensure that your trampoline park equipments comply with the safety standards in your country.You may not able to open the trampoline park if your trampoline park equipment doesn’t meet the standard, even it is open, you may also take great risk on operating this unsafe trampoline park.
Cheer Trampolines puts high priority on children’s safety. We maintain a continuous proactive approach to ensure we meet and exceed all North American and European standards for trampoline park.
Cheer Trampolines is the first and only supplier in China who has both the TUV and ASTM certificates for trampoline parks. Not only do we meet the ASTM F1918-15 standard, our trampoline park equipments also meet ASTM F381-14 (Labeling for Consumer Trampolines) and ASTM F1918-15( Performance Specification for soft Contained Play Equipment. ASTM F2970-15, which is the latest American trampoline park safety standard.
The GS mark stands for “Greprufte Sicherheit” (Tested Safety) and is a voluntary certificate mark for technical equipment. It indicates that the equipments meet German and European safety requirements, tested by a state approved independent body. Cheer is the first trampoline park manufacturer to receive such certification and is authorized by the TUV to use the GS mark.


The safety standards above are the international safety standards that we have researched and followed strictly in our designing, manufacturing and installation process.
All of the testing of Cheer Trampolines’ materials and trampoline park products are done by TUV Rheinland, which is the world’s biggest and most reputed testing laboratory. Many other Chinese companies would get the testing done by small Chinese test laboratories which have much lower standards, or even would issue certificate without doing any real tests.

process. Below are the standards that we follow:

i) Testing and Certification from TUV RHEINLAND

ii) Testing Standards

iii) Authenticity of the Reports and Test Reports Contents

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