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Facing a number of manufacturers with different types of trampoline parks, probably it is a huge challenge for you to choose a reliable supplier. Undoubtedly, Cheer Trampolines is your best choice!
Cheer Trampolines is the industry leader who has occupied a certain position of the trampoline park market worldwide. We firmly believe that we are qualified to be the unique supplier of your trampoline park in term of our expertise in the industry, world-class products and sterling reputation from worldwide, which makes Cheer top the list.
We strive to continuously provide our customers with top-notch quality products and excellent service at reasonable price, to help you not just succeed, but exceed or distance yourself from competition. We also different ourselves from our competitors by using highest quality materials and components to ensure the genuine fitness and comfort of trampoline park, including mats, pads, decks, nets and etc, which is easy to stimulate the awareness of recreation and entertainment.
Cheer Trampolines is your one stop when it comes to developing trampoline park from concept over design to realization. Our professional and knowledgeable team will guide you through each stage of the project and develop a proposal that meets your requirements. We also work intimately with you to provide a functioning trampoline park, and make sure taking full advantage of your playground space, having the best visibility, the best play value with maximized safety. We will continue to learn and innovate to turning out the designs not only safe and entertaining, but also creative and unique.
What’s more, our experienced installation team who works on-site always maintaining a continuous proactive approach to guarantee that the trampoline parks are installed in a proper and safe manner. We are committed to provide you the service you deserve even surpass your expectations.
The most important aspect is that Cheer Trampolines puts high priority to safety and we are dedicated to ensuring the trampoline parks we made are as safe as possible on every level. So far, Cheer is the first and only supplier in China who has both TUV and ASTM certificates for the trampoline park.
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