Cheer Trampolines is a professional manufacturer of trampoline park, we custom design and produce the trampoline parks according to your site situation. We use only the finest materials and follow a strict manufacturing process, making sure our trampoline parks are safe and durable.
What’s more, our trampoline park includes various activities like general jumping area, basketball court, foot ball court, foam pit, climbing wall, dodge ball and area for youth which offers a wide range of attractions.
Cheer Trampolines is also designed to be flexible so it can be adjusted to almost any space needed.
Why is the quality of trampoline park important?
User’s safety is the top priority in any trampoline parks. Cheer Trampolines has installed over hundreds of trampoline parks all over the world, so we understand that in some countries, especially in Europe and North America, an trampoline park may not be open before it passes a strict safety inspection. It means having high quality equipment is the most important and necessary.
As the experience shared by many clients, having high quality trampoline park equipment could help them to increase the profit and high reputation, namely low quality equipment will increase the cost for maintenance and repair. Low quality products can cause many safety problems which can lead to customers losing trust in the trampoline park and even stop visiting.
Different quality from different manufacturers?
It seems that trampoline parks from different manufacturers look similar, they are all composed of square steel structure, soft pads, trampoline mats, platform. But the materials are totally different from each manufacturer, such as the thickness of the square steel tube, the width of the trampoline pads, the quality of the springs, etc.
Meeting Safety Standards of Europe and North America
Products’ safety and quality have always been Cheer Trampolines’ highest priority.
We are very proud of being the first and only supplier in China who has both TUV and ASTM certificates for the safety of trampoline park.
We spent many years researching and developing our trampoline park to meet the safety standards in different countries. Not only materials, we also need to consider these standards when making design, manufacture and installation.
Box Steel
It is Carbon steel, grade Q235, with a wall thickness of 5mm, that we use for the steel structure of the trampoline park. These specifications will be written in the sales contract and can be verified by the customers when they receive our products.
Safety Netting
Our safety netting are anti-climb netting that has a very small mesh to prevent children from climbing up the structure and putting themselves in danger, and certified to be used in trampoline park and more durable than the netting of other Chinese suppliers.
Heavy Duty 32B music wire, galvanized, life time can reach to 48-50million times, the distance between two pcs is 10cm. (life time is 5 times more than other suppliers).
Soft padding
Cheer Amusement uses only high-density foam to make the padding with 34cm width, 70mm thickness, and Cover for padding: 1000D/2022 18OZ PVC vinyl (others use 500D) for all our trampoline park thus our trampoline park are capable of maintaining its shape for years under the constant play. By comparison, other Chinese manufacturers uses cheap low-density foam which are not very capable of maintaining its shape even after only a few months.
Other details:
We added the straps and springs behind the angle walls, to pull the connections of the angle walls, make it flat and straight, others don’t use this workmanship:
We have a horizontal tube between each column, other supplier don’t do it to save the cost, so our structure is more durable:

A professional and strict installation process is a very important part in the process of building an trampoline park. The quality of installation will affect the quality of the finished trampoline park.
That is why only a fully installed trampoline park will be considered as a completed product and ready for safety inspection. If the trampoline park is poorly installed, no matter how high the quality of the play equipments are, the safety and quality of the trampoline park can be greatly compromised.
Cheer Amusement has an in-house team of highly experienced and skilled professional technicians. Our installation technicians on average have around 5 years of trampoline installation experience. They have a strict standard which they follow to make sure that the trampoline park are installed properly so that not only are they safe and durable but will also give the trampoline park a high quality look and make it easy for the maintenance. Cheer Amusement also provides a very comprehensive and accurate installation instruction that we custom-made for every individual customer’s trampoline. Our installation manuals are easy to follow and very informative with the layered 3D drawing that shows all details of the pipe structure and illustrated installation instructions for each part of the trampoline park. Customers will have no problems installing the trampoline park and the equipment themselves as long as they follow the manual careful and pay attention to the instructions. Below you can see a glimpse of our installation manual.
Cheer Amusement constantly updates the materials, techniques and process used in the installation to ensure higher quality and efficiency in the trampoline park installation process.
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