How To Process
How to Process
Every operator who is interested in opening a trampoline park may have to face a question: How to Process?
Find an ideal location
The First and also the most important thing - Get a good location!
As you may know, a good location means a half success. What kind of location is a good one?
Close to large & young community.
Trampoline park is mostly suitable for young kids and even young adults. Close to a large & young community may get you a large number of potential clients who get you repeat business.
Large, empty space with good height.
It’ll be great if you find a location that is large and empty. Trampoline park usually needs a large space such as 200 sqm at least, otherwise it’s hard to accommodate many play activities and generate high play value. It shall come with as much less pillars/columns as possible, as the pillars/columns may give strict limit to the design. Height is also an important factor to this trampoline park. You’d better find a space with clear available height at least 5m, otherwise there might be safety concerns as when kids jump high, there’s a possibility for their hands or heads to touch the low ceiling, which may caused serious injury.
Convenient transportation with large parking space.
This plays quite an important role also. Nowadays most family travel together by car and as such convenient transportation and a large parking space is critical to your business. It shall be easier for people to go to your play center and don’t find much difficulty to park.
You’ve known how to find a good site and what’s next? It is “How to build a good trampoline park”.
A good trampoline park must be very attractive with as many play activities as possible. With simple function, it’s quite hard to maintain visitors’ interest for a long time. As you may know, it’s even harder to main big kids and young adults interest. Since play activities are so important, what you may get from us?
Design a good trampoline park
Our professional and experienced design team will work with you together to develop a 3D model of the park to help with visualization of the facility before manufacture starts.
Please provide us with Auto CAD drawing of the building with as much info included as possible such as main entrance, available clear height, emergency exit, pillars, beams and so on, based on which we’ll custom design it for you so as to suit your site, unique concept, needs and budgets. A good trampoline park must be very attractive with as many play activities as possible. With simple function, it’s quite hard to maintain visitors’ interest for a long time. As you may know, it’s even harder to hold big kids and young adults’ interest. We’ll recommend popular play components that are suitable for your site. Besides, we may get you some suggestion also on colors combination and brand identity.
Attach importance to installation process
Installation quality plays a very important role in this business. If equipment is not well installed, even with the best equipment of the world, it doesn’t look high end at all. Installation means 30% quality. All Cheer Trampolines should be installed by professional technicians who strictly follow the installation instructions and designs in this manual. The integrity and quality of our trampoline park may be influenced if the installation instruction are not strictly followed. They’ll be able to do a good job for you and ensure the highest assembly quality, safety standards and nice look.
If you prefer to install the trampoline park on your own, we can also provide detailed installation drawings, prepare all the necessary accessories and tools, then you can install accordingly, see detailed information, please refer to our installation manual.
Do regular maintenance
I can’t overstate how important it is to inspect, clean, and maintain your trampoline park. You have made a significant investment, so you should pay special attention to the proper inspection, cleaning and maintenance. It’s the owner’s responsibility. Your customers will recognize and appreciate the condition of your facility if you keep it clean and well maintained. In addition, the regular maintaining program you establish will greatly extend the life of your trampoline park. An inspection should be conducted before opening day by maintenance staff or employees, to ensure the trampoline park is free from hazards. If any cracks or potential problems are detected, immediately close the trampoline park until such conditions have been corrected. A regular inspection schedule should be established based upon the use and environmental factors of your trampoline park. Inspections are conducted on a regular basis-daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual. Inspection frequency may vary ased upon the intensity of the trampoline park, ages of the users, volume of playing, amount of adults, etc. Please refer to our maintenance manual.
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