How To Choose A Credible Supplier
How to choose a supplier

Are you a newbie to international trade?

Haven’t you ever purchased anything from overseas? Never mind. A supplier experienced in international trade will guide you well through all important procedures such as placing an order, arranging for shipping, preparing docs for customs clearance and so on. It’s not that much difficult at all as you imagine. How to buy trampoline parks from an international supplier?

Do purchase from a real manufacturer?

Do make sure this company is a manufacturer, not a trading company. How to know this?Take a look at their website and pay attention to these key points:
Is there any picture about their manufacturing plant?
Do they attend any professional exhibition such as IAAPA fairs in US, Europe & Asia?
Is there any illustration about their production line and raw materials details?
Do they have any image about their warehouse showing a large capacity of stock?
If unfortunately you cannot find any info related to above points, just go away and use this method to find a right supplier.
You may find many suppliers on these famous B2B websites such as Alibaba, Made-in-China and so on, but you may also find most of them know little about trampoline parks but they are good at selling, as they are traders, not real manufacturers.

Check the manufacturer’s professionalism

It does go without any saying that professionalism of a manufacturer plays an important role in the success of your business, as it has something to do with the design quality, product quality, installation quality and what’s more, safety of your play center!
Unfortunately, not all manufacturers are equally professional. This will definitely gives you much difficulty choosing a right supplier to work with. You will have to face this question: How to check their professionalism? Get help from your local city council:
Do I need to get a permit to open an trampoline park? If yes, what should I do?
What are the safety standards?
Any fire safety requirement from fire department?
What you need to do next is to simply question the manufacturer. Do they fully understand the safety standards in your country (or state)? Have they done any projects in your state or any other cities nearby who has the same or more strict safety standards?
After asking your city council, you may find out the most strict safety standards are in Germany, Europe and California in the USA.
You may also give a phone call to the salesperson directly who is communicating with you by e-mails. Discussion on phone is quite different from that by e-mails. The salespersons usually do not have much time to think and have to answer all your questions immediately, which shows their professionalism and knowledge clearly. Yes, an international call is expensive but it’s definitely worthwhile.

Collect specifications

Let your supplier provide the raw materials details as much as possible. If they’re a qualified supplier, they’ll provide you specifications without any delay, otherwise, they may get hesitated.
Key data you need to dig out:
• Steel pipes thickness • PVC vinyl specifications • Jumping mat specifications • Padding thickness
What’s more, pay attention to the non-toxic and fire retardant performance of their materials. Do let them provide relevant certificates. On a separate note, there is always a number on each certificate. Write down the number and call the institution who issues this certificate and you may find out if it’s true or not. You may also go to the website and input the certificate number to check.

Drendering cannot fully tell quality of a product

Making a good 3D design doesn’t mean at all producing a good quality trampoline park. Lots of designers from high schools or universities are able to make a very nice design if you provide them with 3D models, however, to make a good trampoline park needs a very professional team as there is too much cooperation and collaboration between many departments. However, this doesn’t let you ignore the 3D design completely as you may still find some valuable info. from a 3D rendering whether they know the safety standards in your market.

Know what you will actually get with the price

Obviously everyone wants to get a high-quality trampoline park with the best prices. How to calculate the quality/price ratio rate?
— Look at the height of the trampoline they designed for you. Usually it has to be at least 4.95m according to European & US safety standard.
— Find out what play activities the design included. It’s hard to imagine the play value of a play center with very simple free jumping area. Youth will find it’s very boring after a visit and never come back again. What are the play activities that generate high play value? They are usually jumping area, dodge ball, basketball, foam pit and so on.
—Compare the specifications you collect from various suppliers. Good quality equipment will save you lots of money in a long term, as the maintenance is not cheap.

The last, but not the least important part – installation

Make sure your supplier has an in-house professional installation team, as installation is half quality. Even the best equipment, if installed incorrectly, may look ugly and/or low quality.
Well-trained engineers are critical to the assembly of a trampoline park, otherwise there might be even safety issues, which might turn to a trouble finally.

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